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Jamie L.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Amy to sell my condo.

 To be honest, the thought of selling and moving in general already had me feeling completely overwhelmed, and I had no idea what to expect, and thus had been massively procrastinating on even getting the ball rolling.... for months. 

Until one morning, while randomly perusing Yelp for top Chicago real estate agents, I found Amy and Duong Kim Global. After reading glowing review after glowing review, I decided to reach out, and I am so so happy I did.

 Within minutes Amy had emailed me back, and we were on the phone later that morning. After the first five minutes of speaking with her, I could tell exactly why she had so many great reviews. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, and she went out of her way to make sure I felt comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Her professionalism and attention to detail are truly remarkable, and I couldn't have asked for a better partner to sell my condo.

In short, if you are looking for a listing agent in Chicago, you need to call Amy. There's a reason for all these 5 star reviews..... And I am happy to be able to add another! Amy is a true expert in her field, and she will make your home selling experience smooth, stress-free, and successful. Thank you for everything!"

Sarah L.

“Amy is the best... honest to God, THE BEST. She knows Chicago and the Western burbs really well and has great instincts. She's responsive, patient, reassuring, honest, and hands on, not to mention that she will always go the extra mile to save or make you a few extra dollars. We used Amy for both of our recent transactions (selling our condo in Chicago and buying our house in the suburbs), and we couldn't be happier. If there is one thing I have learned from this experience, it's not to underestimate the benefits of having a realtor in your corner who is regarded in the industry as being great to work with... it will help you so much in this market! Amy is the kind of realtor who makes you feel good about handing over a commission check at the end of the day. She and her team (including her husband, Howard, who is fantastic, as well) really earned it.”

Tony G.

“We moved to Chicago just over a year ago and after struggling to find the right property and the right REALTOR® we decided to wait a year and rent. Our first experience of buying in Chicago was less than enjoyable as many of the REALTORS® we worked with were just not interested in providing a great experience and were just transactional. We started our search again and found the REALTORS® very much the same. We decided we wanted a buyer's broker who would solely represent us. We scoured the internet reading as many reviews as we could and came upon Amy. The reviews were spot on to our experience. SHE WAS AWESOME! We wanted someone that valued us as a client, who would be honest and direct and would provide guidance to what was a great buy and what was not. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market in so many areas of town and that knowledge guided us to the perfect area of town. As I stated, SHE WAS AWESOME! We could not have found a better agent and someone who met every one of our needs. We purchased our condo in the Lake Shore East area and it is a perfect match for us. Amy led the way the entire time making sure we were doing and getting everything we could and we knew we made a perfect deal. Of all the great service she provided which is a long list, we most enjoyed the fact she was always available day or night when we needed her. Selecting any other agent would be a mistake.”

Dale C.

“Amy's team has handled several transactions for me, from small investment properties in the West Loop to my primary residence in Burr Ridge to a 6-unit apartment building in Glenview. With nearly 15 years of experience, she's put together a team of agents, lenders, and attorneys who have done so many deals together that they just get it done--with minimal burden on the client. If there's a way to keep a deal alive, they will find it. Add to that a masterful negotiator in Amy and you've got a real estate dream team. The people who look for commission kickbacks or look to Redfin don't know how valuable this is. Every deal is different and has its own series of potential pitfalls. A good team can salvage deals that would otherwise fall apart and can save you way more than any commission discount offered by less experienced agents. If that weren't enough, Amy recently joined Compass which is like the Tesla of real estate--the way they leverage technology to give clients the best tools for buying/selling real estate most efficiently frankly puts other brokers to shame.”

Roosh S.

“I recommend Amy and her team to everyone that is in the market! I'm so glad that I was introduced to Amy through my sister. Being 28 and a first-time homebuyer, I was completely overwhelmed with the process, where to buy, what to look for, and the other 100 questions that go through your head. From day 1 during my initial call with Amy, I knew right away she was going to guide me through all of it and make sure I buy the right home for myself as well as ensure it was an investment for the future. I didn't want to work with someone that will always say YES to what I'm saying just to push me to purchase. I needed someone that could help advise and educate me throughout the process - I needed someone that could tell me NO even though I liked a place or would think about settling for less and Amy was just those things. She's very hard working, dedicated to her clients, knowledgeable, resourceful and her ability to negotiate will leave you in awe! She was able to get me an above average amount $$ of credit after inspections and even more at the day of close. I found a great place where I feel at home, with her help. Even after everything was over, she still keeps in touch and reaches out to see if I need anything. Will definitely use Amy when/if I decide to sell and have already recommended her to all my friends in the market.”

Alicia K.

“We recently bought a house in Naperville with Amy and could not have been more pleased with the outstanding service we received! Amy is very knowledgeable about the area (which was invaluable given that we moved from out of state), she was incredibly attentive and responsive, and she helped us find the perfect house! If you are in the market to buy or sell in the Chicago area, I would not hesitate to recommend Amy and her team!”

Angie C.

“Within 5 minutes of sitting down with Amy, I could tell she was going to be an amazing broker. She is well informed, highly organized, empathetic, and very responsive. There was only one time in the 6 months that she couldn't attend a showing with us and that was because she was out of the country for the holidays. However, she sent a very capable team member in her stead and followed up with a phone call the next day. In February we found our home and thanks to Amy's negotiating tactics and the team of brokers and lawyers she assembled, we closed at a great price. At a few of the showings, she had her contractor walk through the house with us so he could immediately provide us feedback both on structural as well as cosmetic work we wanted to do. So with Amy, you not only get a great broker you get a great network of people who are equally dedicated and responsive. Amy and her team exceeded my expectations and we plan to be her client and friend for life.”

Karina W.

“Amy was so helpful with referrals and walking us through our first time buying a home. She offered very useful insight and comments about each property and tips for what to watch out for. She also helped us find answers to all kinds of questions about mortgage options and gave us honest feedback on negotiating an ideal purchase price. Her experience in the field especially shines through in her connections and referrals for contractors, real estate attorney’s, and loan options. She gives valuable input and also respects your space and appreciates your concerns and priorities. Thanks for leading us through the whole purchasing experience!”

Grant W.

“Having Amy Duong Kim and the Duong Kim Global team in my corner made my experience as both a buyer and seller a complete breeze. These guys have been doing this for a long time, so they know what they are doing and their track record speaks for itself. They understand each client is unique, so they can be flexible in their approach - aggressive or hands off. Whatever your personality and needs are - they will get the job done. You will not be disappointed."


“Working with Amy was wonderful! She was so incredibly thorough throughout the entire process on the buy side - I'm not sure what we would have done without her! We purchased a new construction and Amy was incredibly valuable during the inspection process, making sure everything was perfect before the closing. She even went above and beyond to help me pick out light fixtures and recommended many local services/stores, which was extremely helpful given I was new to the area. As someone who moved from the city to the suburbs, she could relate to the change our family was making, which was very reassuring.”

Basil H.

“I highly recommend Amy! My wife and I rented for a number of years and finally, after the addition of 2 littles ones to our family, decided to put some roots down and buy. We were a bit tepid at first, but working with Amy certainly made things much easier. We must have looked at roughly 40 houses and finally decided on a beautiful home that was near my work and in a wonderful neighborhood! Amy was very knowledgeable and was always available to answer my numerous questions. In terms of coordination with the lender, the real estate lawyer, the home inspector etc. Amy was always there communicating with us and supporting us. Her negotiation skills were also fantastic! Highly recommended.”

Yoon B.

“We just closed on a condo unit in Wicker Park with Amy as our agent. This having been an interstate move from San Diego, there were certain unique challenges such as our availability for showings etc. Amy was amazing at working with these challenges. Actually, Amy was not the first real estate agent for Chicago. We fell through on a contract for the first property we attempted to purchase, met with rental cap restrictions that are not allowable for VA approved loans. After that time, we decided we wanted a different agent. Overall, we did not feel that our first agent's communication methods or approach was right for us. Moving on, I hopped onto trusty Yelp and found Amy and her glowing reviews. They are well deserved. Amy has a delightfully casual and pleasant approach all the while being completely professional. Unfortunately, through no fault of hers, we fell through on yet another contract, our 2nd attempt in Chicago and the first attempt with Amy as our agent, due to the challenges of condo restrictions clashing with a VA loan. Amy was very calming and reassuring throughout the whole heartbreaking process. We have purchased homes in California and Colorado and buying a condo in Chicago has proven to be the most challenging. Amy always gave us good advice throughout the process. She was supportive and reassuring every step of the way. She was available, responsive, and knowledgeable. Moreover, she is just darn cute and affable! Our agent for the very first home we purchased in California will always have a very special place in my heart, but now Amy is right up there now as one of my favorite real estate agents. If and when we are ready to move again, she's definitely going to be our agent.”


“Amy was very knowledgeable, professional, and available. She exceeded our expectations. We have referred her to many of our friends. I have yet to meet another realtor that is as qualified as she is.”


“I am thrilled with my first home-buying experience and much of that is due to Amy’s dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, and incredible work ethic. She really did everything in her power to make sure we found our perfect home, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks Amy!”


"The sale of my mother’s condominium was as quick, remunerative, and trouble free as I could have possibly hoped for. She also provided me with valuable contractors who worked for reasonable sums and worked quickly to ready the apartment for sale.”

Olga S.

“My husband and I were the first-time homebuyers and without Amy as our agent, this process would’ve been very difficult for us. She is a very hard-working and dedicated person. She immediately started building a great relationship with us, getting to know us and our needs. For any question we could possibly ask, she'd already had the answer ready. We viewed quite a few condos and she was always there with us by our side and patiently moved on with our search as we struggled to find the perfect place for us. My husband and I were the first-time homebuyers - and I bet this process wouldn't be easy for us if we didn't have Amy as our agent. She is a very hardworking, dedicated person. She immediately started building great relationship with us, getting to know us and our needs. For any question we could possibly ask she'd already had the answer ready. We have viewed quite a few condos - and every time Amy scheduled the best time possible, always been with us and at our side and patiently moved on with our search. She's always been very thorough explaining details to us and sharing her thoughts about the listings. And when we finally found what we were looking for, Amy was there to support us, to guide us through the closing without any worries. I would definitely recommend her as one of the best and most knowledgeable agents in Chicago - and would most certainly reach out to her again in our future real estate endeavors.”

Paul R.

“Amy is incredibly hardworking, talented, personable, and most of all dedicated to her clients. making sure they are well represented in a real estate transaction. I cannot say enough good things about her especially as a first-time homebuyer; she was very patient with us throughout months of searching for the right place, never hesitated to go out of her way so that we could see properties we were interested in as soon as possible (which can be important in fast moving areas like West Loop), and made communication a breeze. Amy is very well connected, and more often than not she knows the realtor on the other side of the deal. These kinds of connections can go a long way towards ensuring a smooth experience for both buyer and seller.”


"Wow! Amy was fantastic! My husband and I just purchased our first home with Amy, and we could not be happier. Amy was so available and informative (and we had a ton of questions!). When we began the process we already knew almost exactly what we were looking for. Amy helped us look at the places that we were interested in and some others that she thought may be of interest to us. She was able to give very immediate and direct feedback about what we were seeing, which was helpful because we are not from Chicago and not as familiar with the available options. Amy was available for every little question that we had, any time of the day, any day of the week. Even after we were under contract she checked on us from her honeymoon in Asia! In the end we got the place we wanted for not a penny more than we said we were willing to pay. She even offered to bring boxes over for us to help with the move. Now that is dedication! I will definitely be recommending Amy to all of my friends in Chicago!"

Erin R.

“I'm so glad I decided to work with Amy on the sale of my house! She's intelligent, trustworthy, loves her job, and is so much fun to work with. Amy's knowledge of the real estate market is really comprehensive, I got a price and a deal I was happy with, and felt completely taken care of with every decision. I'm going to recommend Amy to anyone I know in Chicago looking to sell (or buy) a home!”

Jim Stack, Seller

"Eva's knowledge of Chicago neighborhoods and what buyers are looking for was a huge asset in selling my home. In this uneasy economic environment, she sold my house in just 15 days! 15 days! After the sale she helped me find a new place to stay. Easy to work with, always follows up making the home selling process stress free. I highly recommend her and will use no one else."

Home Seller

"I have used Eva for a number of Real Estate situations. She successfully helped me sell my Condo in Chicago, she helped lease out a unit in a multi-unit I co-own and she just helped me purchase a single family home!"

Home Buyer

Eva is AWESOME! She is super trustworthy and knowledgable about the field and made the whole 1st time home buying process super easy and smooth. You can really tell that she cares for her clients by how attentive and proactive she is. She went above and beyond when providing us with home options. She really knows her business and the market! I also really appreciated all the referrals that she provided us. They were ABSOLUTELY, AMAZING as well. Eva and her referrals really give HIGH quality services for their clients. I really can't thank Eva enough for the awesome experience that we had. I will DEFINITELY be utilizing her expertise again in the future and will also be recommending her to all my friends and family."